About SLAA Hong Kong

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous Hong Kong, or S.L.A.A. Hong Kong, is a fellowship supporting people suffering from compulsive behavior related to sex, love, or emotional attachment. SLAA Hong Kong follows a program based on the Twelve Steps principles adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous.

To help you decide whether you should reach out for help, we suggest that you go through the 40 Questions for Self-Diagnosis.  If you relate to some of these questions, believe you may be struggling with sex or love addiction and would like to reach out for help, the next thing to do is to contact SLAA Hong Kong.

Please let us know through email if you would like to receive help and allow us to contact you back with further details of our meetings in Hong Kong. Through S.L.A.A. meetings we share and learn how to get sober and maintain recovery. There are no membership fees to attend meetings, only small voluntary contributions should you wish to contribute to the rental of the meeting room. The meetings and the program are based on the principle of anonymity.

Through the program and the SLAA support network a better, healthier life is possible.

Reach out at slaahongkong@gmail.com

You are not alone.

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